Open Competitions

Open CompetitionsBondhay
welcomes Members, Guests and Visitors to visit and play the Championship Course in one of our Open Competitions.

To apply, please download an application form, or contact the club indicating name, handicap, home club, contact telephone number, e-mail and preferred start time together with the correct fee.

Please remember to make all cheques payable to Nationwide Leisure Limited.


  Senior Open Thursday 25th May 2017 Results 

1st Place        G Watts & P Green 43 Points (Bondhay) 

2nd Place       H Rotherham & R Allen 41 Points BB9  (Bondhay)

3rd Place        K Hopkinson & J Clowes 41 points BB9 (Bondhay)

4th Place        M Meek & D Brown 41 points BB6 (Bondhay)

5th Place        P Thorpe & D Johnson 41 Points (Lingdale)

6th Place        P L Jones & G Lockwood 40 Points BB6 (Norwood Park)

7th Place        J Storrie & P Scott 40 Points BB9 (Bondhay)

Nearest The Pin

2nd Hole M Lewis (Bondhay) 

7th Hole G Kirk  (Normanby Hall)

11th Hole I Smith (Bondhay)

15th Hole B Woffinden (Normanby Hall)