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                                 CURRENT MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION 



I’m sorry to say that what we all feared has happened and we have had the close Bondhay golf club because of government instruction regarding social contact and the restrictions placed upon it.There have been suggestions from some quarters that golfers could play on their own or members of the same household could play together and still comply with government restrictions but it would then be difficult to explain the essential travel element and so in the interests of everyone that suggestion has been considered and dismissed.

It is not what was wished for but I am sure that what the government are doing will save lives and ultimately that is what matters.

How will closing Bondhay golf club affect you as a club member?

As of today your membership will be suspended until further notice. 

This means that unfortunately you won’t be able to come to the club and play golf for the foreseeable future.

The government have intimated that they will review the situation in three weeks.

Realistically I will be surprised if anything changed in that time period.

To comply with government restrictions and to protect our members over the age of 70 years - your membership will be suspended for a minimum of 3 months (12 weeks) to enable you to stay safe from the COVID-19 virus.

If the government restrictions are still in place beyond that three months then your membership will remain suspended in line with other members.

Those suspensions will take effect from today.

As soon as we are told that Bondhay golf club can reopen as a business again we will be in contact and notify you that you are welcome at the club and that your membership is active again.

You will not lose anything in terms of your membership period during that time other than sadly being unable to use the club and play golf.

If you have 6 months left on your subscription today, you will still have 6 months left when we reopen.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

We will keep in contact with you over the coming weeks and update you on any significant change affecting your situation.

Stay safe and virus free I wish you and your loved ones all the best.

Kind regards

Alan Hardisty



         Benefits of Membership DEVONSHIE COURSE ONLY

             Special Booking Rights     

 Worldwide Liability Insurance (up to £75 for a hole in one in a competition)

         Obtain Official Handicap and includes Annual Subscription to England Golf & Yorkshire County Union as applicable       

Annual Diary with comprehensive fixtures

                            Buggies £16.00  OAP Buggies £14 per round (subject to availability)







7 Day                                                                                                                   £890

7 day country (living over 50 miles away)                              £465

5 day (monday-friday)                                                                           £685    

5 day OAP (monday-friday 65+)                                                         £585

combination of devonshire & academy course                  £1000  


ASSOCIATE (PASSPORTS)                              ROUNDS                            



7 DAY ANNUAL                                                           18                                £340

7 DAY RENEWABLE                                                   24                                £455       

7 DAY ANNUAL WEEKEND AFTER 1PM             18                                £230

7 DAY RENEWABLE WEEKEND AFTER 1PM     24                                £315

5 DAY ANNUAL                                                           20                                £240

5 DAY RENEWABLE                                                   24                                £285 


For Adult Membership Application Form click here

 For Associate Terms and Conditions please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Use of Devonshire & Academy courses

After Qualification = To qualify to play on the Devonshire Course individuals must be assessed by Junior Management Team


  8 - 14 years after qualification                                                    £145

15 - 17 years after qualification                                                    £200

18 - 19  years                                                                                                   £245

20 - 21  years                                                                                                   £300

22 - 25  years                                                                                                   £420

26 - 30 years                                                                                                    £540



UNDER 10 YEARS                                                                                             £ 85

11 - 15 YEARS                                                                                                    £120

16 - 18 years                                                                                                    £160

19+                                                                                                                             £180



For Junior Membership Application Form click here

Monthly payments are available for subscriptions over £200, only available to UK residents aged 18 years and over who have a UK bank account that can support Direct Debit payments. Available through Orchard Funding - Contact Club for information

















 Membership Information