Trackman Driving Range Rules, Terms and Damage Notice

All players intending to use the Trackman Range at Bondhay must read and accept the Terms, Rules and Damage Waiver. Please review the text below and complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Driving Range Rules

Your Session
Players must check-in or book at the Professional Shop before play. Advanced bookings can also be made through our website, by phone, the YourGolfBooking platform or via the Trackman App.
Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your booking time to allow for checking in and collecting your balls. Finish times cannot be adjusted to allow for late starts.
Please wait in the Clubhouse or near the entrance to the Driving Range for your booking time to begin. Be courteous to others by not lingering around the Bays whilst another Player is still in their allocated booking time.
Please leave your bay promptly once your booking has ended.
Booking slots will be 25 mins, 55 mins, 85 mins or 115 mins but can be extended by purchasing a slot through the professional shop if there is an available bay.
Baskets can be found next to the ball machine. You will be issued with a number of initial ball tokens. Visit the Drive Thru or Pro Shop if you require more.
Different tee sizes can be supplied by the professional shop. They should be returned to the Shop following the session.
Players are asked to keep the Bays and Range areas tidy by placing rubbish in the bins provided and putting balls baskets back at the ball machine after play.
Buggies and trolleys are not permitted in the Driving Range area.
Dress Code
The Driving Range allows for a relaxed dress code but we ask that all players adhere to the following:
T-shirt, shirts or tops must be worn at all times.
Trainers or golf shoes to be worn at all times. No open toe shoes.
No clothing that bears offensive imagery or language.
Health & Safety
Up to 4 players are permitted per booking, but there should only be one player in the bay at any one time when play is active. Players should stay behind the barriers and on the benches when a player is in swing.
Balls are to be hit off the driving range matts only. Balls should not be collected from the grass under any circumstances.
Right-handed golfers should play in Bays 1 to 7. Left hand players should book and use Bay 8. Right hand players can use Bay 8 if part of a group that has left-handed players, but we ask that you avoid booking Bay 8 if another is available and you are not left-handed.
Please check all surroundings before hitting a ball as any damages to monitors or fittings will be charged.
Bondhay Golf Club does not accept any responsibility for damage to any personal golf equipment. The Range is used at the player’s own risk.
Players should be courteous to others when using the Trackman Range. This includes keeping noise to a minimum, no violent conduct (including the throwing of clubs) and use of foul or offensive language. Players that continually breach these standards may be asked to leave and may be suspended from future use.
Players under 13 years of age need to be supervised by someone over the age of 18.

Damage Notice

The practice area, bays and equipment will be inspected on a regular basis by a Club representative. Players are encouraged to do the same and bring any areas of concern to the attention of a Club representative before the start of play.
The Player accepts responsibility for any damage they inflict to the practice area, bays, equipment or general facilities before, during or after their session due to negative conduct or by being in breach of the Driving Range Rules, listed above.
Any damage caused or faults arising during the session should be brough to the attention of the Professional Shop or a Club Representative immediately.
The Player will check their surroundings before play to avoid damage to the bay and the infrastructure contained within. Any damages, including to the monitors, must be paid for.
Players will not under any circumstances deliberately target infrastructure and machinery, such as radars and ball collectors.
The Player accepts that any damage caused by The Player must be paid for in full. Bondhay Golf Club reserves the right to invoice the Player for the full amount of a new replacement item.
Where more that one Player is occupying a bay or booking, the Player who made the reservation will be the responsible party and should settle any dispute within their group, or present alternative details to the Club.

Acceptance of Terms

By completing the form below, the Player accepts the terms noted herein, accepts that they understand and will abide by the Driving Range Rules and accepts the Damage Notice.
Trackman Waiver
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